Friday, June 29, 2012

Workshop Press Release

The value of this workshop according to Nayirah Muhammad was very essential to people who want to major in Journalism. "It gives the person a heads up and an advantage in their learning skills" according to Muhammad. This workshop allowed her to tell her story about her encounters of being bullied. It also help her to become more social and make new friends. Her quote for this workshop "Being a bully is worthless and has no benefit and it needs to be stopped". After attending this workshop Muhammad learned that Journalism is not just one thing it is made up of many different components that are very useful to the public.

Bullying on High School Campuses

Shantonia Herring
June 25, 2012
"Bullying on high school campuses"
Rocky Hanna (speaker)

        Mr. Rocky Hanna talk to us about bullying on high school campus. He also told us that the main thing in a school environment is to make sure the children are protected. He informed us
 how the time change from the 70's to the 80's that they were more forgiving than others today. He also
has zero tolerance for drugs an violence. Mr. Hanna told us that he was bullied at the age fourteen from his peers because of his race.
             The other guest speaker that was with Mr. Hanna was Mr. Artney. He spoke too us on
how his experience as a administratorr at James H. Rickards High school was. He said that most of the
bullying or violence he dealt with started either from Facebook or a social sight or from he say she say. He gave us scenarios of high school bullying that he have experienced through out his years of being in the school system.

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Bullying in the Workplace

Shantonia Herring
June 28, 2012
Speaker: Angela Whitaker

    Bullying in the workplace

Courtesy of media manger
      Today on June 28, 2012 Mrs. Angela Whitaker spoke too us about Bullying in the Work Place. Work place bullying is the tendency of individuals  or groups on a persistent aggressive or unreasonable behavior against a co-worker.Work Place bullying can include making unveiled or veiled threats, taking credibility from others, Accusatory Overtones, taking unwarranted disciplinary actions, ignoring/interrupting others, sabotage, inappropriate body language, direct outburst toward someone, gossiping and constant insults.

       Mrs. Whitaker also gave us a acronym that she like to use called S.O.D.A. which stands for Suppression Oppression Depression Aggression. She also gave us a quote  "People who bully cater to your weak points be comfortable with who you are because darkness is all around you" During the interview She was ask "Do your work and action generate" and her response was "Its all about respect and allegiance". Statistics show that 49% adult workers have been bullied or witnessed it. 72% bullies outrank their targets and 80% % bullying is legal at work. Workplace bullying impact not only the person who is being bullied but also other employees an the business.

During the interview Mrs. Whitaker informed us  that “bullying is a serious offense that can disrupt the work environment impact morale and lower productivity”. She also advises workers to document all bullying incidents and it witnesses the more specifics the person provide; the stronger the case the person can have when confronting the bully toward a company authority.

Antwone Fisher

    Antwone Fisher was a Navy man who was forced to see a psychiatrist  after a violent outburst against a fellow crew member. After reviewing this movie i learned that bullying doesn't have a toward  it. Bullying can come from a family member also. Fisher mother Eva Mae Fisher had him while she was in prison and had to put him up for adoption his father died before he was born.

   After He was taken into adoption at a foster home by Mr. and Mrs. Tate an he also had two foster brothers keith and Dwayne Tate. Fisher faced abuse physically and mentally form his foster mother for many years until he left the home at the age of fourteen. Living on the streets for many years he decided to join the U.S. Navy an make  something out of his life.  However the rough life he had already lived caused him to have a bad temper.  Fisher would not open up too the psychiatrist an eventually ended up having a break down an revealed a horrific childhood. Through the guidance of his doctor he began to confront his painful past an begin a quest to find his real family he never knew of. 

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